Internet Safety

Internet security is now of greater importance than ever. With the recent increase in encryption viruses, it is critical your staff only open emails that are safe. The #1 cause of these viruses are opening attachments, both from known and unknown contacts, which are carrying a virus. It is often in our experience getting harder to tell what is a legitimate attachment from a fake, but signs such as the file-name being resume.pdf.exe are always viruses. In most cases a few extra seconds of checking the attachment can save up to thousands of dollars in expenses and lost productivity.

No protection will stop 100% of viruses, as new malicious code is created everyday, but with training of your users these attacks can be prevented.

At Fusion Networks, we filter all emails before they are delivered to our customers mail servers, which then scans the incoming content again, but at the end of the day, training users to be wary of all incoming content is the safest bet to make.