At Fusion Networks we provide many services ranging from on-site or phone support to remote support over the Internet. We also proudly do 'remote hands' work for companies that have their own in-house IT department perhaps in Head Office, but who require quality onsite services.

On-Site Service: We will come out to you on-site and resolve your issue on your premises, this is our most popular type of service we have on offer. We promise to be on-site as soon as possible and to resolve all issues painlessly and quickly.

Phone Support: Phone support is used to resolve most small or minor issues where the issue is known and basic direction is required to the end user.

Remote Support: Using in-house software we will remote control your computer for the length of time required to resolve the issue. Our in-house remote control software allows us to do more than just control Windows. We can remote restart, reboot into 'safe mode' and perform many other advanced functions over the Internet. Once your issue is resolved we then log out and the program automatically removes itself from your computer!