Complete Server Solutions: Ranging from Small Business Servers, to SQL Database Servers and Terminal Service (Remote Desktop), we can power your business in a flexible solution that meets your needs.

Desktop & Laptop Products: We offer solutions for your desktop, laptop & tablet computer requirements. Sourcing from the world's leading manufacturers, we ensure that you will get the right product to suit your needs, teamed with reliable service & support.

E-Mail Solutions: From Onsite Exchange, cloud-based POP/IMAP accounts and hosted exchange/E-Mail servers we can provide E-Mail services to you anywhere in the world and ensure your E-Mail is always accessible from any device including mobile phones and tablet computers.

Cloud-Based E-Mail Anti-Virus/Anti-Spam: We can provide hosted or onsite Anti-Virus/Anti-Spam protection which includes E-Mail continuity in case of any E-Mail delivery issues ranging from loss of power to Internet failures. By routing your incoming E-Mail via our offsite services, you can ensure only clean, legitimate E-Mail is forwarded to your mailboxes, preventing security issues, loss of productivity and unnecessary internet usage in downloading 'bad' E-Mails.

Managed Desktop Anti-Virus: Cloud-Based Managed Anti-Virus provides an always up-to-date Anti-Virus service which you do not need to worry about updates or yearly renewals. This is a monthly service so you pay for what you use, and is fully monitored around the clock on a dashboard showing all computers and their Anti-Virus status.

Online Backup: Using new technologies we can provide full online backup services, securing your valuable data in a remote, offsite, geographically diverse location for storage and archiving. This can then be restored quickly and easily at any time.

Local and Long Distance Microwave/Wireless Networks: We employ the latest Wi-Fi and Microwave technologies to provide stable, trouble-free local and long-haul network connections. From a simple in-office Wireless Network for laptops and iPads to a cross-city high speed inter-office data link. We can do it all!