Office 365 Rooms (as calendars)

One of the interesting things with Microsoft Office 365, and it’s predecessor Microsoft Exchange is that shared calendars has never been a strong point. There are multiple ways of creating, management and looking after them, but a simple shared calendar either has to be done from a shared mailbox, a user account or a public Folder. Each have their pro’s and con’s but none are super easy and simple for users to get access to without multiple steps (clicks) and fiddly public folder, adding to favourites.

This still seems to be an issue with Microsoft Office 365, although we have found one way to make this super easy for all users involved, including administrator.

By using a new Office 365 feature called Rooms & Equipment, we can quickly and easily setup a new ‘room’, call it whatever you want the shared calendar to be, such as “Leave” or “Car”, assign permissions as to who can view/edit it, and then display it on required computers.

Simply get your Office 365 admin to add the room, then the user can simply and easily do the following to add it to their list of calendars